You can use a single hander from a boat when water levels and conditions are favourable. 1.5 miles single bank, mostly bait or spinning but with good fly water in low water conditions around Moran Rock and Two Bends. Book a Tuition Package and get a full days tuition from one of our experienced Ghillies. Ceide Fields Fr. Tiernan Brothers. Tiernan Brothers is an Independent run Fishing Tackle Shop and Angling Advice Center for the River M Rods are limited and must be booked through the Fishery manager. The Ridge Pool on the Moy must be the most famous beat in Irish Salmon Angling. Here, the streams and glides can be fished with body waders and a single handed rod. River Mullaghanoe It consists of 14 miles of double bank fishing, which extends from a couple of miles below Foxford Bridge, to a point downstream about 14 miles away. River Castlebar The Cloongee Fishery is one of the most prolific fisheries on the River Moy. The East Mayo water has the very best spring salmon fly water and holding pools on the Moy, and is one of the main stopovers for springers on the river. The River Moy is the most famous of Irelands many Salmon Rivers. Pat Gannon, Post Office, Foxford. Some sections also provide good flyfishing. The character of the main pools on the fishery varies from shallow riffles to sweeping bends, deep holding pools and classic glides. 5 km of both double and single bank stretches. The Grilse run starts from early June and fish continue running right through the end of the season. Charles Baker Staring just upstream of Maloneys Lodge, the fishery is managed by Granville Nesbitt and offers private salmon fishing for a maximum of 9 rods along on a 2.5 KM double bank section and a further 12 rods along 1.5 km of single bank. Due to the overall depth of the water, steep banks and slow flow this part of the river is not ideal for conventional Fly fishing, however bubble and fly can be very productive. The Channel Pool is also quite wide and deep in places. 54.00781,-9.12795 It is a highly productive fishery which has a limited number of rods and must be booked in advance. Permits are available from our shop. The Ballintemple fishery consists of 2 miles of single bank fishing on the Moy, extending downstream from Cloongullaun Bridge. Angling report w/e 23/24th September 2017 The fishing is restricted to 7 rods per day, which can fish from the bank or from the boat, with Ghillie services available. The Woolen Mills boast a beautiful shop and cafe whichis certainly worth a visit when in Foxford. This stretch of river is leased by the Scott Knox-Gore family to the Attymass Anglers Association. It is managed by Inland Fisheries Ireland and offers a variety of quality angling. The rest of the fishery consists mainly of deep, slow flowing water and is suitable for bait and the spinner, although the bubble and fly method can also be very effective here. Johnsons Straight is a nice stretch of fast water, where spinning or bubble and fly in lower water are best. Google Map Reference. Day tickets are available at a reasonable price. Around this time there was a lot of experimentation with different fly patterns, styles and sizes. Prawn and Shrimp are not allowed on this fishery. Its also quite a good stretch for Sea Trout. Booking through John Mc Dermot on 0876543136 or Roy Buckley on 0876447850, On the right-hand bank immediately below the Foxford fishery single bank we have Rinnanney. Tel: +353 (0)87 2801640, Mrs. Bridie Armstrong For anyone looking for an easily accessible fishery for spin and bait fishing, Armstrongs is a good choice. The Straight is a stretch best fished when salmon are running. The Banks are well maintained and offer good access to a multitude of vantage points along the beat. Operated by the Armstrong family this is a 1.5km stretch of primarily deep channel. The undersized Lobster was released unharmed. It is primarily a bait and spinner fishery, but bubble and fly can be effective too. The water here is fairly shallow and streamy, making it excellent fly water. Loughs Conn and Cullin have one of the longest mayfly seasons of any water in the country. Click here to find out more. Email: [emailprotected]. Foxford Salmon Anglers had 96 salmon from their two fisheries, Rinnaney accounting for 48 and Baker's accounting for another 48 fish. Our Gift Vouchers may be used at either The Foxford Fishery or atThe Fortland Fishery. The award-winning Museum of Country Life is also home to the National Folklife Collection. The Grilse run starts in late May and extends through, June and July. The Yellow River Pool is particularly good for spring fish from March through to May. Good fly fishing water, permits cost 50 euros per day on beat one with reductions for 2, 3 and 5 day bookings and 40 euros per day for beat 2 also with reductions for longer bookings. Paddy with a very nice Spring Salmon from Armstrongs fishery just downstream of Foxford, Well done Paddy. The Foxford Fishery is located a stone's throw from the beautiful village of Foxford, County Mayo and offers some of the best private salmon fishing available on the prolific River Moy. Tight Lines. The Double Bank is a 2.5km section varying from shallow riffles to seeping bends, deep holding pools and classic glides. 2327m Feeling Happy :-) 2342m Rinnaney, Foxford Co Mayo . A very popular method for trout fishing the bubble and fly had not caught on as an effective salmon method. Immediately downstream from Bakers fishery there is a short stretch of water which flows through the town of Foxford and past the woolen mills. Located in a very diverse region rich in assets, not only geographically (relief, climate), but also economic and human, the Lyon-Grenoble Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes is the latest INRAE centre to be created. The East Mayo Anglers Association has over six miles of double bank fishing making it the most extensive fishery on the River Moy. From The Lodge we can organise your complete fishing package - just letus know what you require.. With exhibitions spread over four floors, see how the people of rural Ireland lived in the hundred years between the Great Famine and the end of the 1950s. Just upstream from Jossies is another good spinning pool known as the Alders Pool, which must be fished from the East bank. The number of rods is not limited and permits are available at a very reasonable price from local tackle shops. Most of the Lake River, that links the Moy to Lough Cullin and Conn, is also part of the Fishery (see map). River Owengarve Tel: +353 (0)86 8032350 They found that it worked well for salmon, especially in summer when the water levels were low. Although it is considered primarily as a bait and spinner fishery, there is some good flyfishing at low water particularly in the stretch known as The Rocks. The upper river has more spate-like qualities and looks more like some of the smaller Salmon Rivers in the country. Locally tied flies and appropriate lures are available locally. This tackle may be scaled down for bait fishing or spinning for grilse and summer salmon using similar techniques. The fishery ends at the start of the Rinnanney fishery on the right bank and Gannons fishery on the left bank. River Clydagh If youre not lucky enough to get fishing it, watching comes a close second. They can accommodate up to 8 rods each per session. The week started with yet another flood. Tiernan Brothers is an Independent run Fishing Tackle Shop and Angling Advice Center for the River M The Wood Pool is one of the better known pools on the River Moy and is again great for bait fishermen, as is the Rake Pool. Whatever your choice of fish or preferred method of fishing,County Mayo with its many lakes and rivers is guaranteed to satisfy all tastes. Permits & Information from: Mr. George Armstrong Good from March when it can average 40 fish per week. River Deel Both clubs share approx. George Armstrong reported 22 salmon from Armstrong's Fishery, the best weighing 8 lbs., caught on the prawn. Bait / spinning. Directly downstream is Carraigeen which is very deep, and the Nib, which is very good for spinning in medium and high water, when casting to the opposite bank in the current. Foxford Shrimp: As the name implies this pattern has its origins around Foxford. After 6, it is reserved for local anglers. For fly fishing a 13ft double-handed rod #9 line and a 10ft single-handed rod #7 line will cover most eventualities. It has about 2 miles of single bank fishing, with the better known pools being, the Yellow River Pool, Slippy Clay, The Fort, The Ledges, The Weeds, The Branches and The End Pool. Email: [emailprotected]. The First Recorded mention of Tiernans and The River Moy was when in 1886 visiting Author and Angler, Copyright 2023 Tiernan Brothers | Powered by Astra WordPress Theme. The Foxford Fishery is one of the most attractive fisheries on the River Moy and the only private fishing available without compulsory accommodation. 4 0 obj endobj 1 /Type /Catalog >> The various sections in this . With twelve named Pools Coolcronan fishes well throughout the summer months. Upper Beat Wall Pool / Wall Pool Straight Fly only. It starts immediately downstream of Wests Bridge and runs for about 250 yards. Access is gained from the main Foxford Ballina road and care should be taken when parking. You can fish from the shore but the area is so vast and the tides so variable, that the visiting angler would be better to book a spot on one of the charter boats, where the skippers are vey knowledgeable about the area. Interested in a seasonal ticket? The water holds lots of resident fish through August and September, when youll need to switch towards more stealth-like tactics, such as bubble and fly. The fish here can be superb and the pioneering angler can find excellent Salmon fishing in solitude The Cathedral beat, is next to the Ridge Pool. The Flag, with is large boulders, is good in high water. This fishery consists of double bank fishing from Foxford Bridge upstream for about 1.7 km and adjoining the Cloongee Fishery 0.7 km north of the confluence with the Cross River. Admiral Brown Museum Foxford, Co. Mayo Springwells is much faster moving (and shallower) which makes it more suited to fly fishing. Armstrong Fishery 1.5 miles single bank fishing on the left bank, mostly bait or spinning with some good fly water, average pa 600-800 fish. Call 094 57055 or 0872398019. Fishing along the Moy will be more accessible for older anglers and those who have difficulty accessing fishing waters. It fishes best for spring fish during April and May. Spinning (Flying Cs) worm, fly and bubble float are common methods of fishing so the beats that do offer fly water are in high demand. Some nice pike fishing for German anglers at Melview Fishing Lodge, Moy Fishery; Ridge Pool, Cathedral Beat etc. So hopefully the Tower which has an electronic Swift Caller installed and powered by a Solar Panel will attract new birds and new life. The upper river has a different character and is more akin to a spate river in parts. There is good sea trout fishing too. Covering them with the spinner is the most productive ploy. Tel: +44 (0)1428707272 The Flying C is hard to pass up when spinning. The Upper River is especially good for the fly fisherman, but there is plenty of fly water throughout the course of the river. The local tackle shops now stock specialist pike equipment, dead baits, lures, forceps, and othe pike fishing equipment needed. Seatrout are also caught in this stretch. The fishery offers a Ghillie and boat service. Foxford Salmon Anglers Nestling between the Ox and Nephin mountains Foxford is the ideal location for a relaxing, stress free break away from the routines of working life. The Slippy Clay pool is situated between two deep bends on the river, and being deeper water at around 11 feet, worms and spinning being the best methods. SpinFish Digital 2015, SpinFish Online Magazine, The SpinFish Logo, The RBA Digital Design Logo and any Associated Images and Logos are SpinFish Digital. The fishery is now under the management of Niall Byrne and booking is through Roy Buckley or John Mc Dermot. It lies on a bend, where fishing the worm close to the bottom will often yield results. Armstrong's Fishery This water is operated by the Armstrong family and consists of about 2.5 km of single bank (left) only. The best fishing is at the top of the beat. River Pollagh Gannon's Fishery had 11 salmon for the week. the peak season is from June to September, Hotel Phone +353 (0)96 74472 The best pool is the Joinings, located at the confluence of the Cross River. The Foxford Fishery is one of the premier private Salmon Leisure Fishing destinations on The River M The Moy Fishery in Ballina (just 2.5 miles long) has an average of 5,000 fish per annum! Within easy reach for an enjoyable day's angling are the famous River Moy, Lough Conn, Lough Cullin, Killala Bay, Lough Mask, Deel River and the Owenmore River. The Coolcronan Fishery consists of just over 1 mile of double bank fishing. Gift Tokens make the perfect gift. Mount Falcon Salmon Fishery consists of over 3km of mostly double fishing on the lower Moy approximately 3 miles above the tide. It comprises approximately 5km of double bank fishing from the weir in Ballina to the confluence with the Corroy River. The number of rods is restricted as it is a private fishery, so over-crowding is not a problem. Cunninghams fishes really well later in the season through August and September. The Bridge Pool is an excellent spot for bait fishing, as the fish lie there waiting at the head of the lower waters that run up to the Rock Pool. The upper river has a different character and is more akin to a spate river in parts. 2023 Mayo Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved. Call 094 56580. Prices vary considerably depending on location and time of year; further details of tariffs and availability can be sought from the fisheries owners/managers. With 12 days remaining before the Season closes, it is time for the FINAL LAST CAST. The Ballina Salmon Anglers Association water stretches for the best part of 3 miles, from the weir in Ballina to the confluence with the Corroy River. If you dont tie flies, dont panic. Bespoke gift tokens are available to suit all budgets, please enquire to the Fishery Manager. The Foxford Fishery offers exclusive fishing for a maximum of 9 rods along a 2.5 KM, double bank section and a further 12 rods along 1.5KM of single bank . It consists largely of slow bait and spinning water but in low water the fly can work around Morans Rocks and further downstream at the two bends. Permits & Information from: Each Our Gift Vouchers are professionally printed and individually styled simply fill out the details below, and we will send it directly to your recipient, if required. The lower parts a further three named pools the best known been Paddens. GPS Coordinates Fishing in Foxford in Co. Mayo. 35K views, 510 likes, 0 loves, 10 comments, 6 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Foxford Fishery: Eddie playing a fish this morning at the Nibb on the Foxford Fishery. Paddens Pool is an excellent spring fishery, which extends for over 900 yards. Google Map Reference 54.120854,-9.141668. Salmon Angling, River Moy: Foxford Salmon Anglers. The Attymass water is divided up into three distinct sections, which include well known pools such as, the Wood Pool, Paddens Pool, and Cunninghams Pool. Google Map Reference 54.120854,-9.141668, Have fishing on 8 miles double bank from 1 mile upstream of the junction with the Cross river to the joinings with the Killeen river on the left bank and 1.5 miles down from the Ballyahan Bridge on the right bank. Ghillie advice and local knowledge are indispensable for full enjoyment of a fishing holiday along the banks of the Moy. The fishery actually includes the better part of the Cross River, which is really more like a lake, which flows out of Lough Cullin. Such is the abundance of Irish Salmon Rivers, perhaps the most difficult thing to do, is to choose where you want to go first! Booking is through Granville Nesbitt on +353 (0)86 803 2350. To maintain the tranquil ambiance that defines the Foxford Fishery, guest numbers each day are limited and advanced booking is strongly advised. In general, the fishing is kept for the locals and we do not sell permit for this part. On the left bank immediately downstream of Byrnes fishery we have Knockmore Salmon anglers association waters and on the Right bank from the yellow river we have Attymass anglers. You cant fish the Shrimp but worming is fine. This is a short stretch comprising about 0.7 km of single bank fishing on the left bank, immediately upstream from the Mount Falcon water. This beat is more suited to bait fishing as it is deepish, slack water. Mother Agnes Morrogh-Bernard made Foxford synonymous throughout the world with excellent quality tweeds, blankets and rugs. The most comprehensive website on County Mayo in the West of Ireland. Property Description: Bakers Fishery comprises just over one mile of double bank fishing above and below the bridge at Foxford and comprises a total of eleven named pools of very high quality fishing with an extension run of salmon. The Ledges is a good spot to take youngsters as its a good clean area for the spinner. Google Map Reference 54.051553, -9.083291, 1.5 mile double bank including the famous Wall Pool which is reputed to be the single most productive pool on the Moy, mostly bait and spinning but there is some fly water. February May (Peak Spring fishing April / May), June August (Peak Summer fishing Mid June), August September (Peak Autumn fishing Mid September. (on the N26), to the angling club car park at Oldcastle. What's near "Armstrong Fishery" 842m Stoneparkbrogan, Mayo, Ireland . Find major attractions on the south side of the Isre River. 200m upstream of the Lower Bridge, this pool is more a spinning and bait water. Personally I believe that like a lot of other patterns it evolved over a period of time as the result of trial, success and collaboration between anglers and Gillies/Fly tyers. Still, reports of fish moving through the system which is great to see & hear. It is all right bank fishing, with 26 named pools. At the lower end of the fishery, starting at Carsons Field on the east bank, and Johnny Henrys on the west bank, youll find good fly fishing water (known as Jossies). In total, there is over 5 miles of river bank to choose from, including the double and single bank stretches. There are two modern, well appointed, fishing huts and a choice of seats and stiles to provide a relaxing & enjoyable experience. Mr. George Armstrong I mentioned last week that I would do a little piece on some popular Fly patterns for the Moy. This is a section of single bank fishery approximately 2.5 km in length. This fishery extends for about 400 m downstream from the Eel Weir in Foxford. Tel: +353 (0)94 9256101. It has a high gradient and formerly was not noted as salmon holding water. In high water, worms fished close to the bank can often yield a good fish. The catch report for the week from Foxford Salmon Anglers water is a respectable 36 fish and reports of a number of Salmon released. 2 km of water which are divided between upper and lower, with the Coolcronan fishery in the middle. Call 096 21332 for bookings and information. Tel: +353 (0)94 9258146. Larich FOODS - Poor quality of Larich Polos Curry, Bacolod South Terminal Bus Stop - Mini bus for rental, Big Bike parts & accessories - Accessories, Mumanal - Agencia Distrital "El Alto" - Desembolso, San Julio Realty - Lot for sale or installment. Here the Easkey is full of lovely streams and pools, perfect for the fly. Sea trout are also abundant in the Moy. I cant say for certain but Im pretty sure it comes from the early to mid-eighties, the era when Mrs. Aldridge from Mount Falcon Hotel controlled the fishing on what is now the Foxford fishery. Huge numbers of Salmon are landed here each season. They feed on the plentiful supply of sand eels, shrimp and sprat. Agomony Express - Poor service and anoying bus tuff behaviour with passenger. Many of these fish are taken on the fly. However as one gains more knowledge of this piece of water theres quite a lot going on, submerged boulders, deep channels, sand and gravel banks all create good lies for fish. Jacks Pool also consists of a shallow, gravely run flowing into streamy water, making it perfect for the floating-line fly. Expert advice from professionalghillies will ensure your fishing trip is rewarding and enjoyable. Call North West Fisheries Board on +353 (0) 9621332 or obtain permits from the tackle shops in Ballina. Boat hire, equipment, rods & reels, life jackets can also be organised locally. At the heart of the fertile land of Limagne and the pastures of the Massif Central, the Clermont-Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes Centre is one of the institute's historic sites, with cutting-edge research in key sectors of agriculture, environment and food: preventive human nutrition, cereals, product quality, territories, livestock farming, robotics applied to agriculture, tree functioning, etc. The Ledges Pool is also very good for spring fish, but is real excellence comes when the Grilse arrive during June and July. The Foxford Fishery offers exclusive fishing for a maximum of 9 rods along on a 2.5 KM, double bank section and a further 12 rods along 1.5KM of single bank fishing of The Moy. All bookings must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance of arrival. On the lower end of the fishery its much better for spinning and worming. There is still fresh fish running the river and some of you were lucky enough to report catching Salmon. Byrnes is another fishery that at first looks featureless but in fact has a lot of hidden detail. Armstrong's Fish Market & Seafood Restaurant's . This is salmon fishing as it should be. Call 094 56580. North Western Fisheries Management Region, South Western Fisheries Management Region. Tight Lines and hope you can get in a Last Cast! Lake boats can be hired locally and pike angling guides are also available. This one is also known as beat 4, and it extends from the confluence of the Brusna River to the end of the Island (about 300 yards). Although the region is known for its prolific runs of salmon and brown trout, there has been a huge increase in the demand for catching pike. Each session takes 5 rods, which must continually move through the pool on a rotating fashion. Email:[emailprotected], Inland Fisheries Ireland, Ardnaree House, Abbey Street, Ballina. Google Map Reference 54.059860, -9.151972, 3 miles double bank from the weir at Ballina to the junction with the Corroy some of which is good fly fishing water and a further 2.5 miles more suited to bait, spinning and the fly on the bubble float. The Foxford Salmon Anglers Association is dedicated to promoting Salmon fishing in the Foxford area. Lower Beats all legitimate angling methods can be used. From here further downstream to the Joinings pool, the fishing is better late in the season. Jacks Pool (named after football legend Jack Charlton) is the next pool down from the Cable. 38 were here. The Moy estuary is a large area of tidal waters, with an abundant supply of Sea Trout. The city sits at the confluence of the rivers Isre and Drac, encircled by the snow-covered Alps. Atlantic salmon, brown trout, seatrout, pike, perch, cod and mackerel are but a few of the species the angler can expect to catch in a day's fishing in the Foxford region. The upper fishery contains the Yellow River pool, The Alders, The Wood Pool and The Rake. Google Map Reference 54.120854,-9.141668, Possibly the most famous fishing beat in Ireland (or anywhere) the pool is so popular the fishing is divided into two sessions per day, 5 rods per session and now includes the Weir Pool since the fish traps were removed. The Yellow River pool consists of a sandy bed which is best fished using the bubble and fly. River Cloonaghmore (Palmerstown) He is catching good sized pollock and a few other species. Paddens pool has a sandy rocky bed, which produces plenty of fish on the worm and spinning, but in low water the bubble and fly is generally better. The Foxford Salmon Anglers Association is dedicated to promoting Salmon fishing in the Foxford area. The Foxford Fishery is one of the most attractive fisheries on the River Moy. The upper part of both fisheries sharing four named pool, the most famous of which is the Wood pool. The fishing also mirrored last week with 19 fish reported mainly due to the lack of Anglers. There are two modern, well appointed, fishing huts and a choice of seats and stiles to provide a relaxing & enjoyable experience. The main Moy channel between Ballina and Cloongee/Ballylahan is divided among at least a dozen separate owners. While every effort is made to provide the most accurate and up to date information in this brochure, the Board can not accept responsibility for any omissions or inaccuracies contained therein. Its a bit of a []. It has a pattern of rocks running parallel to the bank, which provide great lies for the large spring salmon. Notable pools on this stretch include The Dug-Out and Cunninghams, which consistently produces large numbers of fish to the worm and spinner throughout the season.Mount Falcon carries a full range of rental equipment including rods, reels and waders. On the lower part of the Mount Falcon water, where daily permits are issued, Cunninghams is probably the most productive for spinning and worming. The last few days taking most of the fish. The Club donated 500 euro during the year to help build a Swift Tower at the Foxford National School.
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