. Best wishes to you both. If you notice your dogs toes looking swollen, if the toes feel cool, and/or the two center toes are splayed apart, this may mean the bandage is too tight. Thank you. Easily change the products or shipping I am hopeful your sweet girl will make a full recovery and have a successful second surgery in the near future. On the other hand, if your dog had been normal for a few days, weeks, or even months and then suddenly becomes a lethargic dog, make an appointment with your veterinarian. And, we followed the surgeons instructions and did not let him off the leash until the middle of March, 3 1/2+ months post op. Without treatment, they might adapt to the injury. Last time he was almost normal after 6 weeks and never seemed to be shut down by overall body pain. The fit will last about a minute. Once broken hardware is removed and the knee is stabilized again, the surgeon may have a better idea of what cause the failure. Limping is usually greatly decreased, but all activity should still be restricted. That way, should you need to open the door, you can have your dog on a leash first. I am really at a loss and scared to do this as the procedure is so expensive and no guarantees that we wont have further problems later on. With that being said, limb weakness/neurological issues can be a temporary side effect of some pain medications commonly used for orthopedic surgery patients. It sounds like most of her issue is due to muscle atrophy. Finally, if your dog was sent home with a bandaged leg, keep a close eye on the toes. is there something else he could have torn? 25,47,49 . We use human-grade, Opti-MSM, that targets the root cause of joint pain and inflammation. I am putting all my energy into the arthritis option. But it could also cost as low as $2,000, depending on your dog, where you live, and where you go for the surgery. Without examining him myself, I cant make specific conclusions as to why this is still an issue. I am sorry your girl tore her cruciate ligament and had to have TPLO surgery. Teddy recovering in the wards, the evening after his TPLO surgery. And, while it may not be your favorite solution, your vet can also prescribe your dog some medications to help take the edge off if needed. What is new to us is doing back to back TPLOs. Just wondering how things are going today. Foraminotomy Bilateral (after neurological investigation) Surgery and drugs + Up to 3 nights hospitalisation + Discharge with up to weeks analgesia + Follow up examination at 4 weeks if required. Wishing you both the best! I live in the Texas Panhandle and his surgery was in Albuquerque, so Im not sure if we have underwater rehab options nearby. Day 6Daisy is still unable to raise herself up from a sitting position but Im sure that will come with time. She only started standing on her own a week ago and doesnt do that all the time. This would be a great thing to discuss with a veterinary rehabilitation/physical therapy professional. Shes wild! The dog owners guide to TPLO surgery. If there are any complications such as reinjury or infection this process can take longer. Is this lack of ROM normal this far out from surgery? Best wishes to you both! Thank you! Good luck! She started lifting her tplo leg and toe touching again about 2 days ago. Hi. Hi Geri, You may notice that your dog starts out with some red bruising around and below the incision. Coco has a confined space inside with comfortable beding and she is let out to go to the toilet. Also, early in the recovery process your dogs leg may be swollen and have a limited range of motion. Whether its for a younger or an older dog, correcting the injury with surgery is the best way to: Decrease the development of more arthritis. So slow and steady is a good thing! I can only imagine the expense and stress it has caused you. Make sure you get a pain med above and beyond Deramaxx (which is just a doggy ibuprofen). We are keeping her confined and calm as much as possible, constantly on a leash and only going outside to potty. For dogs, injuries to the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) a ligament that helps hold the knee together are common. I am hopeful that with more time your senior guy will be able to make a full recovery. They can even get a urine sample to evaluate just to rule out the possibility of a UTI. Help your senior dog enjoy more good days. Hi Richard, I have a 4 year old German Shorthair Pointer that was just diagnosed with the same issue and the vet is recommending that we do both legs at the same time. Give your grey-muzzled companion more good days. To correct the slope, the top of the shin bone is rotated until the slope is level. Oh my goodness, Lisa three months and another surgery! In the last week he has started planting his post surgical foot on the ground and 90% of the time plants his surgical foot correctly. Theyll be able to determine if the knee was reinjured or not. It might be a good idea to reach out to a veterinary orthopedic surgeon/specialist and get a second opinion. help@toegrips.com She has been much slower to weight bear, and has only just started using her operated leg more on her own, a couple times a day when inside and during poop breaks. Then when inside again where things are quiet and predictable, the dog is more focused on the leg and limps or holds it up again. Thanks for all your help! I am just concerned that we struggle to do any of the daily PROM exercises due to her being a grumpy old thing and growling at us when we move her leg. You are right to be concerned about your dog limping on his left leg again. To the point now she has what looks like hives. I am hopeful Paddy will go on to make a full recovery. After two phone calls to the office then following up with an email providing videos, we were seen that day! Since activity will be limited for a while, feed your dog less than normal to avoid weight gain (which would put additional stress on those joints). Then it may change over time to purple or shades of yellowish-green. On top of the procedure itself, X-rays are needed before and after the surgery, along with follow-up vet visits. Shes still not standing on her own. I felt that choosing to do one leg and then the other would prolong Daisys pain.12 weeks until one was healed, yet continuing to have pain in the unoperated leg. All of these decrease the chances of a successful recovery. This allows the femur to sit more squarely on top of the tibia instead of slipping off the back. 2023 Dog Knee Injury - All Rights Reserved. TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy) in dogs. I am sorry you are dealing with knee issues in your pup. They can let you know if your pup is progressing normally or if they need to intervene in some way. For the first few days post-surgery your dog may not be bearing much weight on the leg. She just wasnt making much progress. Just always quick movements in the house. Without examining your dog, myself, it is hard to know how best to advise you. I do think you should contact your vet and let them evaluate this issue. I am so sorry you are in this frustrating situation. TPLO surgery is a surgical method of correcting a damaged cruciate ligament in the knee. The vet said this was normal. Quickly after surgery dogs who have TPLO surgery will begin to use the limb again. As you learned from some of the FAQs, you do need to keep a close eye on your dog as he or she recovers. This can be painful and negatively impact their well-being if left untreated. Hopefully the surgical site has healed enough that the trazodone is not necessary anymore. Women! Millie had torn the CCL in both of her back legs, and her surgeonChad E. Spah, DVM, DACVS, at BluePearl Pet Hospital in Des Moinesrecommended the tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) procedure, the most popular type of dog ACL surgery. Infection is always something that needs to be ruled out. And you can slow down and spend more time just hanging out together. Left untreated, infections can become quite serious. Just took my 5-year old bow-legged English bulldog Rosie home from the hospital last nite after her left leg TPLO surgery. I am sorry your dog has had so many issues with his knees over the last year. Can you tell me if this is similar to your dogs rejection symptoms? Dr. Julie Buzby has been an integrative veterinarian for twenty years and has earned certification by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association in 1998, and by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 2002. Everything seemd to heal fine the first week but this past Sunday she started limping and not putting her operated leg down when walking, looks like her ankle is swollen too. After surgery, youll want to do range-of-motion exercises with your dog, using the leg that was operated on. My dog had TPLO Surgery about a year ago. QLF surgery is simply a more natural approach to treating canine CCL injuries. We took her back to the vet and upon examination she had a torn cruciate and meniscus that went un-noticed which required TPLOwhen the vet said this, I thought I was going to vomitafter everything and it wasnt even noticed, grr!, this was 2 years ago, she is almost 4 now. Hi Lisa, I was wondering if you could provide an update on your Anatolian Shepherds progress. They recommend another surgery to try to fix it before it becomes a fracture, and of course another large amount of money to do it. So having both legs done at least they would receive only 50% of the weight. However, if the bruised area is large, other areas of your dog start to develop bruises, or you have any concerns with how your dogs leg looks, contact your veterinarian. I am hoping by now the lack of grip on the hard wood floors isnt as big an issue. I thought it was initially muscles and have been massaging her hip and thigh. 3 years after TPLO our dogs hardware is causing drainage tracts and open wounds, Somehow she has had infections I have just been away from answering comments for the last few days. Happy has significant muscle wasting due to splint. By signing up, I agree to GoodRx's Terms and Privacy Policy, and to receive marketing messages from GoodRx. Each surgeon is different. Keep up the good work and try to be patient. UK: 1,750 - 6,000. In general, this will involve strict exercise restriction at first. I got tramadol for Domino, and it helped tremendously. She was supposed to have the second one done a month later, but her 4-week x-rays showed that the bone was healing slower than anticipated due to too much activity at home. They have experience with complicated cases and might have ideas about things to test for or alternative treatment options. Keep your dog on a short (four to six foot) leash right by your side and only stay out long enough for your dog to eliminate. Then a metal plate is attached using several screws to hold the bone together so it can heal. However, if it is becoming problematic, please contact your vet. He had to stay one additional night due to the knuckling. Can the leg still recover OK without doing these exercises? Surgery is scheduled for this coming Tuesday. I did take her to the surgeon today and he said the implant feels perfect and she has good range of motion. Hi Nico Others still show some degree of intermittent to consistent limping while walking. She has been doing great but now is limping on the rear right leg, almost toe touch weight bearing only. Most dogs benefit more from surgery or physical therapy. Hoping all is well and the recovery process is progressing as expected. Remember that like humans, not all dogs recover at the same speed. The vet said if she is still exhibiting these symptoms at 6 months PO, we could consider hardware removal, with a meniscus exam at the time of that surgical removal. Feel free to leave an update as things progress. So you may want to take someone with you to your dogs discharge appointment and/or have someone available once you get home to help you get your dog in and out of the car. The exact progression can vary from dog to dog, but this is approximately what we would expect: Sometimes dog parents will notice that their pup will walk on all four limbs well when outside for a potty break and then hold the leg up again once back inside. Before diving into the details of TPLO surgery recovery, let's recap the what and why of this procedure. Your veterinarian should be able to help you figure out how to make those adjustments. Could the surgery have caused this issue? The recovery time for these two surgeries is similar, but dogs typically take a little longer to be fully comfortable after the TTA surgery. Our lab mix had bilateral TPLO surgery 9 months ago and still seems to be struggling to scratch her ears. He has seen her twice. Hoping for a positive outcome and wishing you both the best. Hang in there itll come out all right!! My dog (weimaraner) had a broken leg at 15mos, which required 2 pins. How was your experience? This is our third Rottie to have the procedure. They can evaluate your dog and let you know if there are exercises or therapies that could help with her specific issue. Is knuckling common 3 days post surgery for dogs? This insurance has already more than paid for itselfand Ellie is for the better having it. This will help reduce inflammation and swelling. I lift her into and out of the car. They can evaluate your girl and let you know what exercises or therapies would be of most benefit to help her return to normal function. I was wondering if hell be coming home with a drain tube, or if its normal for dogs to have one after this surgery? Consult your veterinarian if this happens. How is Zoe Taking Your Dog to the Vet: 15 Tips for Success, 15 Tips to Stop Your Dog Slipping on the Floor, 10 Lifesaving Touches: Dr. Buzby's 5-Minute Dog Wellness. They definitely helped.his coat improved and he started healing faster. In order to account for the treat calories and your dogs lower caloric needs, you will need to decrease your dogs daily kibble allotment. Embrace Pet Insurance. Understandably, you are eager for your dog to be able to get back to using all four of his or her legs. I have heard a lot of people say their animals have responded well to laser treatments.
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