Bacteriological test performed by a California State Certified laboratory. This is a required open space that separates properties around the perimeter of the property. Im thinking about buying a portable canopy structure to cover my car in my driveway. My tenant is responsible for a violation on the property. eating, cooking, and sanitation. In the event the landlord does not take action, reporting substandard building conditions to Code Enforcement will get the ball rolling to get these conditions corrected. Where do I report inoperable or abandoned vehicles on public streets and/or private property? (a) Lot Size. A car share vehicle pick-up location is within one block of the accessory dwelling Find. CONTRA COSTA COUNTY CODE; SUPPLEMENT HISTORY TABLE; Title 1 - GENERAL PROVISIONS; Title 2 - ADMINISTRATION; . hearing is held, the zoning administrator may deny, approve or conditionally approve total structural lot coverage, the accessory dwelling unit must not cause the maximum '[Cg:w25@s EX6h-0o8N)lL Search can now be used to lookup plan status for retail food, recreational health, and land use program customers. A list of laboratories can be obtained in our office. Screening may be accomplished by landscaping, fencing, or an intervening building. You may want to check city, county and/or town if necessary. For information regarding connecting to public sewer, click on the links below: Step II: Apply for septic tank abandonment permit Contra Costa County Ordinance 720-2.006 states no one shall maintain weeds exceeding 18 inches in height. It is not only an eyesore but can promote fire danger. determines that the proposed dwelling appears not to be compatible with the surrounding Contra Costa County Ordinance 84-68.1404 allows the storage of boats and recreational vehicles on private property; however 90% of the mass must be screened from public view. zone in which the property is located, except as otherwise provided in this subsection Zoning violation clearance requires a minimum of a $300 fee. Eight hundred square feet in an agricultural district. Building Permit: $3,500 Lamorina Transportation: $3,723 Waste Management: $80 Drainage Review: $175 Fire Review: $215 Sewer Impact Fee $7,000 (Noted this is $600 if it is not a "Dwelling" unit) Water $5,500 for a new meter For many projects in Contra Costa the impact fees will actually add up to almost $50,000. Contact Us: Public Information Contacts Media Inquiries ContactWebmaster County Administration Building: 1025 Escobar Street, Martinez, CA 945531st Floor: Clerk of the Board2nd Floor: Human Resources3rd Floor: County Counsel4th Floor: County Administration. Please be prepared with specific information such as the address of the property, details of the situation and the length of time you have observed the situation. To meet the wind load resistance they must be securely affixed to the ground which makes them permanent structure by definition. One thousand two hundred square feet on a lot of twelve thousand square feet or more. 84-22.1006 - YardRear. Existing Well primary dwelling unit. Septic System (On-Site Wastewater Treatment System - OWTS): Improperly designed or poorly constructed or maintained OWTSs can contaminate groundwater. The Application and Permit Center 925-655-2700 will help you determine the set back requirements of your property. Each tree removal permit is subject to individual consideration and approved or denied on a case by case basis by the Planning Division. Storage sheds, tool sheds and play houses that have a foot print of less than 120 square feet do not require a building permit however do have other restrictions. The Land Use Program reviews OWTS design plans and inspects the construction of OWTSs to prevent threats to groundwater and public health. Building Plan Review (Review of Proposed Sewage Disposal Method): A building plan review is a review of the proposed means of sewage disposal for a new structure, remodeled structure, or an addition to a structure containing plumbing fixtures. If the correction is not made, the individual may be subject to fines and other penalties. The maximum height of a retaining wall is three feet. 2120 Diamond Boulevard Suite100 My neighbor has chickens, horses and/or goats. The code enforcement process is typically initiated by responding to citizen complaints and by staff proactively investigating violations. JADUs must be converted from existing space. General Building Plan Review (Review of Proposed Structure Location): A general plan review is a review of the proposed location of a structure without plumbing fixtures to determine if the structure will meet the required setbacks from a septic system and will not interfere with the use of a necessary approved sewage disposal system, reserve area or designated disposal field area. Resources. The minimum size of any living unit (including Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)s and JADUs) is 150 square ft. according to California Residential Code. Central San's Septic to Sewer (S2S) program provides low-cost financing to help homeowners connect to the public sewer system and properly abandon their septic tank. Can my neighbor park his R.V. Division and consolidation. If an accessory dwelling unit is attached to a primary residence, the accessory dwelling Rear setbacks The policy provides separate rear setback provisions for houses and ancillary outbuildings. requirements for one dwelling unit cannot satisfy those requirements for another unit. must comply with all requirements relating to yards (front setbacks, side, and rear) Verification The Application and Permit Center 925-655-2700 will help you determine the set back requirements of your property. not exceed fourteen feet in height. If an accessory dwelling unit is detached from a primary residence, the accessory apply to an accessory dwelling unit in any of the following instances: The accessory dwelling unit is located within one-half mile of public transit. Sitemap Accessibility Help Center. What are the construction working hours in a residential neighborhood? Any lot of less area or width than required by Divisions 82 and 84 may be occupied by a single-family dwelling and its accessory buildings if: (1) the in width and area with the applicable zoning district or the lot was created prior provisions. 3) Garbage, junk piles, construction debris dismantled vehicles on private property. Normally a homeowner hires an architect to assist in this process to provide cost effective solutions to these and other issues. 84-6.202. 1 0 obj If a garage is attached to size, height and design. My building is substandard and my landlord will not make the corrections. A setback of five feet from the side and rear lot lines is required for an accessory 82-4.250 . A vacant or abandoned building subject to code enforcement action is defined as a business or residential occupancy that has ceased and whose doors, windows or other openings are broken or missing, so as to allow uncontrolled access to the interior or exposure to the elements. It is strongly recommended that the landlord be notified immediately and given the opportunity to repair the problem prior to contacting Code Enforcement. Contact us at 925-655-2710 or Toll Free at 877-646-8314. The Forms and applications are separated into their individual . New ADU development solutions for Rental Owners. in subsection (1) of this subsection (b), or fifty percent of the existing living Setback compliance is a necessary consideration for any construction project, therefore the precise location of property lines should be ascertained early in the design process. Do I need a permit to build a storage shed? Here you will find the Ordinances and Regulations for wells. of the floor area of the primary residence, whichever is smaller; except that a discretionary 5) Buildings that have become unsafe for people to be in due to structural problems, electrical hazards or other life safety issue regarding building components. The additional space may be within The Forms and applications are separated into their individual categories. Copy Link, *** Beginning in 2020, according to state law, all residential zoning districts, including single-family and multi-family, are allowed to build Accessory Dwelling Units. The planning department determines the permitted land use for each property within County jurisdiction. There are numerous building departments in California. Graffiti is a serious problem that creates visual blight and diminishes property values. ~ Updated: State Law AB-68, Accessory dwelling units shall not be required to provide fire sprinklers if they are not required for the primary residence and may employ alternative methods for fire protection. Prospective regulation could include requiring a business license or other permit, requiring the dwellings' owners to either be on-site or nearby, limiting the number of renters based on number of. LtMD:6vgyp>D^$0:;K4?g_gE=;U]tug8gjpm/s AhX7r*xsh}qxM&cx]s[} =n9[L$Uu4M]^("I&>7w/KFF73!x,CRt1,[+9Z#\FMMvpa9{=n 925-608-5500 The MRVL district allows multiple-family residential uses, including duplexes, townhouses and attached or detached single-family homes on small lots; all with landscaped open space at a density between 7 and 11.9 units per acre. residential districts, the accessory dwelling unit must not cause the maximum total Copy Link, State Standards don't require any additional design review. Office Closed: Fridays 7:30am9:00am for Staff Meeting, Welcome to Contra Costa Environmental Health. Occasionally, as a conditional of approval, the Planning Division may restrict days and times of construction to a permit approval. 1) Building, remodeling, repairs and demolition without permits. Any shed under 10 feet in height from natural ground to highest point may have a side and rear setback of 5 feet. I need additional living space and cant afford to construct an addition. Benching is required at 3.5' for safety. An accessory dwelling unit may be attached to a Cyanuric acid levels are to be checked a minimum of once per month. Setback distances vary based on property zoning. My neighbor leaves their garbage cans in front of their house for several days after service pick up. 2017-25, III, 10-17-17; Ord. % Keeping livestock is only permitted in specifically zoned land. In many cases the individual responsible for the code violation is given the opportunity to correct the situation and comply with current codes without a penalty. The off-street parking requirement in subsection (1) of this subsection (k) does not and building height that are generally applicable to residential construction in the Here you can find the forms and applications required by the Land Use Department. 82-4.248 - Lot depth. No setbacks shall be required for Accessory Dwelling Units and JADUs converted from legally eastablished existing space. Occasionally, the markings are gang related and promote violence in the area. The setback line on land bounded on one or more sides by a public road other than a state highway shall be ten feet inward from each boundary line. parking space to serve the accessory dwelling unit. The minimum distance from the well to the septic tank and leachfield is 100 feet. appearance" includes architectural style, colors, and exterior features, such as building Grease pumpers are regulated by the State. The exterior appearance of the accessory dwelling unit must be architecturally 4) Accessory buildings such as sheds, garages or carports built too close to property lines. How to Apply for a Certificate of Compliance (PDF), How to Apply for a Home Occupation Permit (PDF), Water Efficient Landscaping Requirements (PDF), CalGreen Residential & Non Residential Mandatory Measures Information, Soil Investigation Report Questionnaire for Residential Additions (PDF), How to Pay for School Development Fees (PDF), Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) / In-law Units, Business License for Contractors-Where are they required (PDF), Current Building Codes, Ordinances, and Technical Guidelines for Building Design (PDF), Fire Sprinklers - Do I need them for an Addition (PDF), Living With Creeks Referral Guidance (PDF), Residential Gray Water - Clothes Washer System (PDF), Residential Pool and Spa Installation (PDF), Residential Pool and Spa Safety Act (PDF), Residential Smoke-Carbon Monoxide Alarm (PDF), Recognized Special Inspection and Testing Agencies List (PDF), Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (PDF), Title 24 Mandatory Minimums for One and two-family dwellings (PDF), Trellises, Arbors, & Pergolas Accessory to a Residence (PDF), When is a Licensed Professional Required (PDF), Wood Burning Appliances and Fireplaces (PDF). x=r?e+(Yz+V|,x(E! Yes. An attached accessory dwelling unit may not exceed the size limitations specified Check with the Application and Permit Center 925-655-2700 prior to keeping exotic or farm animals. Login. This is a required open space that separates properties around the perimeter of the property. There are two categories of plan reviews. 2 0 obj compatible with the primary dwelling unit or with the surrounding neighborhood. SWIMMING POOL AND SPA PLAN SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS. endobj of the lot (as evidenced by recording date) or at any time since, the lot was consistent The exemption under Section 84-4.1202 does not apply to lots for which an accessory dwelling unit permit is issued. For serious health and safety, disabled access and work being done without a permit, a code enforcement officer is sent out to ascertain if a violation exists and to request remediation. Contra Costa Centre, CA. Portable canopies located in driveways, though widely popular, are not permitted in Contra Costa County. or boat in the driveway? Search Swimming Pool/Spa Inspection Database, Learn about Contra Costa's Placarding Program, Learn about Cottage Food Operations (CFO), Find Information for Food Facility Plan Review, Find out about Swimming Pools & Spas Operation & Maintenance Requirements, Learn About Blue Green Algae & Discovery Bay, Power Outage Flyers for Retail Food Facilities and Public Pools/Spas, Contra Costa's Safe Drug Disposal Program, Plan Review - Food Facility or Public Pool, Recreational Health (Swimming Pools/Spas), TRAINING: Food Safety Certification for Managers Schedule, Power Outage & Flood Guidance for Restaurants (Constant Contact email blast dated Jan 4, 2023), Public and Environmental Health Advisory Board (PEHAB). ~i@|:p7.5_IefL x}tS>O~GaZ?5/*tQ.A YW "?$X2L|QEf=/1:F WD/>v =P&c|P=QtKlA>-o#hE37F Me,EI9C~M If I see someone dumping garbage on private or public property, what should I do? Contact us at 925-655-2710 or Toll Free at 877-646-8314. The building next door abandoned and people come and go at all hours of the day. The quick removal of the graffiti is one of the most effective deterrents of additional tagging. In the absence of voluntary compliance, the offices have a range of other options to encourage compliance including citations, administrative actions, and abatement. Single family and multi-family residential parcels will not be subject to the minimum lot size of the underlying zoning district or by ordinance for ADU projects. You can also submit a Code Enforcement complaint online. What penalties result from code violations? In single-family and multi-family residential districts, an accessory dwelling unit endobj the yard and setback requirements of Divisions 82 and 84 are met, or a variance has been granted for yard and setback requirements, and (2) the lot is delineated on a recorded subdivision map . Dumping on public land or streets should be reported to the Contra Costa County Sheriffs Department immediately. The maximum height of a fence is seven feet. You may also submit a complaint form by printing and submitting by fax, mail or drop off to the office. Setback distances vary based on property zoning. <>/Metadata 261 0 R/ViewerPreferences 262 0 R>> MRL low density multiple-family residential district. unit districts where an approved final development plan does not specify requirements Land used to satisfy the area, width, yard, or setback Copyright 2023 by eLaws. In the event you bring a utility such as electricity or water to the structure, or enclose mechanical equipment such as a well or pool pump, permits are required. Check with your local building department to find out what's needed in your area. The minimum size of a lot located in the Kensington (-K) combining district with a dwelling unit must comply with the requirements specified in the plan. of the accessory dwelling unit. Code Enforcement Complaint Form (online submittal)or Call: (925) 655-2710, Appeal of Notice and Order to Abate (PDF), Work Exempt from a Permit (PDF) **NOTE** Please call (925) 655-2700 for clarification of cabinet remodel/addition, Title 7 BuildingTitle 8 ZoningAbandoned VehiclesAlcoholic Beverage Sales Commercial Activities OrdinanceSubstandard Buildings/Uniform Housing CodeResidential Property NuisancesVacant Structure RegulationsVacant Property/Lots Regulations, Chapter 14-6 Civil EnforcementChapter 14-8 Criminal EnforcementChapter 14-12 Administrative Penalty System.
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