Council Member. When plug tobacco is made from ribbon-cuts instead of typical tobacco leaves, it becomes a crumble cake. Kentucky leaf is a cultivar of Burley. Notes: A full-flavored F&K blend, but not overly strong. That's the only example of Latakia being used for anything besides pipe tobacco that I'm aware of in recent history.". It just made me hit the panic button and load my Mark Tinsky Canadian full of Black House. However, it is often mistakenly perceived as either a tobacco variety or a type of flavoured blend. The result is a slow-burning and moist tobacco that is almost black in appearance. I don't get it. There continues to be much debate on the origins of the tobaccos name. Policy | Terms Im just curious that if Latakia is so low in nicotine, then why does Gawith Hoggarth & Co Latakia have 5 yellow dots for strength. The difference between DFK and Burley is that DFK is left to cure over an open fire. Pipe Manufacturer & Retailer Spotlight | Politics in action. B of B Supporter. Turkey,Syria, and war games now happening against Greece and Cyprus ,,, this may have unfortunate effects on production of Latakia. As a result of the combined aromatic and spicy flavor combination, Dark Fired Kentucky is frequently thought of as a more natural complement to Latakia. I was completely ignorant of the complex political and historical dimensions of growing and distributing the leaf used in producing latakia tobaccos. Put together, they are a divine combination. Pruned fruits tend to last longer than fresh ones. It will become a myth, because HH Vintage Syrian it's already a myth. Cellaring Tobacco and Factors that Influence the Aging Process, Saint-Claude, France, Birthplace of the Briar Pipe, Caldwell Cigars' Long Live the Queen: A Review, Photography and Videography at Smokingpipes. We know about the numerous flavors you can get Tobacco in. I remember when I bought it, the tobacconist told me it would "blow your head off.' The leaf has basically been heavily cooked. Thanks, Meanwhile, top-flavouring undergo of a light application of flavouring that is sprayed onto a finished blend before packaging. Secondly the Latakia content: VS contains a little more Latakia than VL and the taste is more intense, rich and penetrating. Izmir: Small leaf, sun-cured, low in nicotine, but packing a big flavor. That's gone now. Interesting. All the best! it's 'God, save Latakia!'. So why have pipes gained popularity when cigarettes have a more negative image? Very good read, and awesome video. Has anyone any ideas or suggestions? However, as I said, its hard to say! Nevertheless, the difference between the two is often surprisingly small. Above all the different kind of Latakia: VS is more smoked, with notes of pinewood, trees, moss, wood and incense. During this process, tobacco is soaked in a sauce of flavourings such as sugar, molasses, alcoholic spirits, and liquorice. Furthermore, they retain their moisture when preserved in their flake form. I got their Fr Dempsey, Cary Grant, and Danny Kaye. Virginia and Kentucky are here, ready to be burnt and to sweeten the burning wood sting taste of the Latakia. Today, many of the varieties that were predominantly native to one country may be grown throughout the region today. Therefore, its a popular variety of tobacco for making aromatic blends. I was doing a few things incorrectly. |Home Plus, the spiciness of orientals, and Perique again. Latakia is made from either Smyrna or Shek-el-Bint -- Orientals. Cyprian Latakia is the leading player followed closely by orientals and Virginias which dance harmoniously together in the background. Also taken into consideration is the low nicotine content of Latakia. In the end it's a nice EM, with the added bonus of its price: here in italy it is less than half the price of more popular English mixtures, okay, it's not as bold as some of them so if you are looking for a latakia bomb definitely look elsewhere, but if you give this one a try you will find a nice skillfully blended mixture that you can enjoy all day. The latakia Is the main character in the blend but it doesn't overshadow the other components: a nice nutty flavor is still detectable from the burleys, the orientals give a nice underlying spiciness and the virginias bring everything together with a nice but not overpowering sweetness . But, as long as we all know which tobacco we're talking about, I suppose it's not a big deal. When the stock of Syrian latakia ran out (VS is now gone) Mac Baren made the same blend with Cyprian latakia and so many smokers think it is the same blend, but it is not so. The texture here is easier to use, and you can use your hands to pinch off what you need instead of a knife. As the process is much more superficial, it has little effect on the tobaccos humidity while providing only minor flavouring. |, We use the SafeSurf Rating System to signify that is for adults only. Rich and smoky in flavor, this condiment leaf can be smoked straight for a bold profile or used in your own mixtures to transform and lend depth to other Burley and Virginia components. All rights reserved. The complexity behind its production in terms of curing, politics, accessibility, and blending make it a delicate component of our favorite smoking mixtures, and one to be appreciated for all of its nuances and attributes. Dark Fired Kentucky Burley Per OZ 4.77 out of 5 Ratings 39. Latakia heavy blends became my favorites early in my 40 years of pipe smoking. i'm filling the pipe again )), Purchased From:, I gave this tobacco a third chance, no longer thinking about the fact that it might be an EM. I always find myself building blends around the idea that there is going to be this very overt flavor that is used. The product of getting flakes from rope tobacco gives you coin Tobacco. I was further educated on its demise in Syria as well as the plants unique character in the family of tobacco plants, thus my question as to whether it could be grown in my home state.Thanks much for a very good piece on this unique resource. I tried for a long time trying other Red Labels.. The cylinders are then cut into slices, which are referred to as coins, medallions, curly cuts, or even spun cuts. From time to time appear brief but delicious nutty notes from the Burley. document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); COPYRIGHT 2013 - 2022 BESPOKE UNIT, LLC. I like latakia (but I prefer Syrian) based mixtures, and the main limit of this tobacco is that's quite poor of smokey latakia taste. (The description on the bag and on macbaren website doesn't state the presence of Kentucky in the blend and from what I taste none is present). A glass of red, a pipe, and a good book all sounds like a wonderful routine! What a great article. 4 Star. While other factors may be at play, their distinctive hues are usually a product of the curing and maturation process. Primarily made for cigarettes, Burley is also heavily used in blending pipe tobacco. Before we go into the several kinds of tobacco mixes on sale, lets look at some types of pipe tobacco; having brief knowledge of the various types of pipe tobacco will give you a better understanding of several tobacco varieties. could walk you through the different flavours to expect from each of his tobaccos. Thanks for your comment and Im glad that youve found our resources useful. This method is incredibly cost-effective for how food is. Maybe I've been mistaking strength for nicotine content this whole time. Latakia is a tobacco drying technique, similar to Cavendish. To the point that if I ever had to choose between this and a contemporary Amsterdamer, I would take the Amsterdamer. Latakia is distinctive and can easily be overpowering. Thirdly VS contains a touch of dark fired Kentucky while VL contains some Burley and this is another reason why VS is more smoked, rougher and harder than VL. So four stars and highly recommended. Pipe News |, |About Because of how people chop them, there is even more contact between the surface and air. We reserve the right to verify delivery to cardholder via UPS. The rich variety of pipe tobacco can become overwhelming for both enthusiasts and beginners alike. At least there is something exotic about the idea.. Being lighted it starts from grassy and sharp smoky English taste. This is a useful discussion. Most types of flakes are usually rubbed out into strands between the palms. Like the comment about Laphroaig and linking to the Latakia. Nice summary. Nevertheless, most will use a portion of Virginia to improve combustion and the balance of flavours. I believe I will do a period without buying it again. It ages faster than other cuts. Ya' learn something every day. You might want to look into Blackhouse and Commodore Flake, which are Latakia blends with Kentucky mixed in. Any suggestions for a pipe tobacco with cocoa or coffee notes? Very interesting! Thank you, Mr. Stanion, for another marvelous, informative, and educational article. You have flue cured, air cured, etc tobaccos. Like Burley, Virginia is a popular tobacco variety thats also used for producing cigarettes. And so, I always try to make Latakia a background note. Showcasing the smoky Oriental leaf, the blend combines Crypriot Latakia with Dark-Fired Kentucky and Black Cavendish for a bold blend to delight Latakia lovers. Pour a glass of Plymouth and throw some Julian Bream on the sound machine, A great, informative site. Same thing for Latakia. Cold smell is of warm, sweet and slightly spicy fruit jam. Haha. Yet, there are some enthusiasts among the pipe community that argue that Scottish mixtures are not a true tobacco blend. Similarly, Virginia is often used as a base tobacco for harmonising blends. Similarly, navy plugs are roll cakes that have been tightly wrapped in rum-soaked rope to add flavour. All Rights Reserved. Burley is a light air-cured tobacco thats mostly produced in Kentucky. It's blackened and very caramelized. The addition of moisture is critical here because this is a delicate process. A black, smoky tobacco, it produces a thick smoke with an intense peppery flavour. "All the little leaves," says Jeremy, "help to funnel water down the stalk toward the roots. . The first one I tried was Fr Dempsey. I write this review after smoking over 200 grams of this balkanic mixture. And you've got some American brands that followed that suit, like Drucquer's. The other day I was looking at my sons cigar catalogue and spied the small white and blue dunhill can and remembered how good the lite flake tasted. "I think that probably has more to do with why there is this distinct difference in the taste and flavor profile of Syrian Latakia versus Cyprian. Other operations have tried to produce Latakia and failed. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, What Is Pipe Tobacco? It is more an intermediate step or transition between two types of cut than an actual cut itself. Were I live we pay double for the more popular EM. However, they can be crushed, folded or even smoked in their original form depending on the size. This is not only due to the tobaccos heritage but also the unique Magnolia swampland soil that produces its distinctive flavour. I have been unable to find a good comparison of these two particular tobaccos. Some individuals nowadays are opposed to smoking cigarettes but are more tolerant of smoking tobacco. Pipe tobacco, popularly known as a pipe, is a tool designed exclusively for smoking tobacco. Our Little River, SC showroom is open 10am-7pm US/Eastern Monday - Saturday. American pipe smokers that liked English-style Latakia blends were buying pipe tobacco that had been manufactured there. Oriental Tobacco, on the other hand, is prized for its well-balanced flavor. He cleared up the myth that Latakia makes a blend strong when the opposite is true. Finally, some mixtures may even consist of a variety of cuts in order to provide different flavours through varying combustion speeds. It is an even blend, so no particular component outshines the other, so you get a smooth experience with each draw. According to the Bee website, pine and oak are used for the fire curing, along with "fragrant herbs." Well, a couple years ago, this fellow, who has literally lived and breathed tobacco for all of his life, called me up and said, 'What the hell is Latakia? Below is a selection of Greek varieties often referred to as Oriental tobacco: Here are a few well-known Oriental tobacco varieties that are native to Turkey: These are a few well-known Oriental tobacco varieties that arent native to either Greece or Turkey: Interestingly, tobacco was introduced to the Ottomon Empire by the Spanish from the Americas. Once youve identified the right sort of tobacco, you can then start shopping through online retailers. Won't buy more having access to some other better species. The outcome is darkish Tobacco with a unique smokey flavor and a powerful nicotine impact, smoked over an open flame inside a farmhouse. While there are many different types of Tobacco, the five listed below are the best, excellently, and regularly used pipe tobacco: Burley is primarily utilized in cigarette production, although it is also widely used in pipe tobacco blends. Making Dark Fired Kentucky Tobacco Dark Fired Kentucky (or DFK for short) is a very similar blend to Burley, which is no surprise being that they are primarily produced in the same state in the same climate. I have seen some blends of Dark Fired call themselves an English even without Latakia. I really enjoy them storing my cigars so I am already familiar with them but if Cubans are kept at 65, Dominican and Nicaraguan at 69, should I keep pipe tobacco at 62RH? You can grasp what they add to the entire encounter by understanding their unique attributes. I was wondering, though, where one might find information regarding different types of leaf and their specific nicotine percentages? I have tried many alternative brands but they all miss the mark somehow. it became quite obvious it was more about conspicuous consumption, To me ( for what it's worth) Latakia has a sharp piney taste. Additionally, there are no official definitions of what constitutes each blend. The HH Vintage Latakia is a successor of HH Vintage Syrian. -Dark Fired Kentucky: Heavy fertilizing during growth makes it a strong tobacco. Not that you would know what a wood fire tastes like, but it give one the sense of a wood fire while they are smoking it. Moist is OK, no need to dry. & Conditions | DMCA All tastes stay through the whole smoke; sweet and creamy over all. I own 4 humidors, that I try to keep stocked at all times. Thank you. They are just flakes that one has chopped into small cubes. Packs well lights well and burns cool and steady until the end. Consequently, they are often associated with two conditioning methods known as casing and top-flavouring. Covid brought me to smoking a relaxing pipe. A full grown, fully matured Oriental plant will be two-and-a-half to three feet tall but have a hundred leaves on it, whereas a fully mature Bright Virginia plant like we see here in South Carolina can get over six feet tall and have gigantic leaves, but only 24 or so of them. Similarities: first of all they have the same base: Virginia, Orientals and Latakia. Other's more expert than I will chime in but basically, I find the burleys to be stronger and impart a nutty taste and aroma while latakia is not as trong but has a camp fire type of aroma and taste. I was sorry to see it go. This type of cut is just like ribbon-cut, but it is done more cleanly. Although it initially came from Syria, it is mostly produced today in Cyprus by curing bunches of tobacco over pine or oak wood fires. Fortunately for you, though, this article will tell you everything regarding pipe tobacco, its various kinds, and how to mix and chop it. However, they feature considerably less Latakia and potentially no Oriental tobacco at all. Just good stuffboth. "For example, I go to visit our leaf dealers at least a couple of times a year. Sometimes, Burley cakes are cut into very fine cubes that can be smoked directly. But then why the small bowl? I even enjoy the care & maintenance of my pipes. With fire-curing, typically, Kentucky fire-cured goes through about a 14-day fire-curing process. However, it is one of the few varieties that can be smoked straight. I will use Boveda Humidor bags. Latakia is an Oriental tobacco that has been cured in a barn with a smoldering fire. Turkish Smyrna tobacco, also known as Izmir, is typically used for Latakia curing whereas the traditional Syrian method would use a native variety. of STC Holdings LLC. Similarly, its level of humidity will play a role as moisture slows down combustion. 3 out of 5. We will deny any order we believe has been placed by a minor. After the pressed blocks have been rubbed out, they appear as long and fine irregularly-shaped ribbons. Is most/all burley Kentucky grown. It's quite cheap (good thing), but quite poor of latakia too Scent at opening: not bad, you can find a smokey latakia aroma. Over time this effect is lost but the aroma is that of a poor quality tobacco. As such, this list could help you know what is right for you and what is best suited to your style. Similar. It's also very easy to taste Latakia; it takes little of it to characterize a blend. 0. As such, Dark Fired Kentucky is sometimes perceived as a somewhat rustic alternative to Latakia due to the overall spicy and earthy flavour profile. I still have a few pouches of the 80s Sobranie in my humidor for special occasions, and Single Malt Scotch. Oh and also: that picture should be released in high definition as a desktop wallpaper ;-). The reason for different cutsapart from varietyis for their unique characteristics. Choice selections of Virginia, burley, Orient and Latakia from Cyprus are skillfully blended. American manufacturers weren't having to navigate the intricacies of Latakia production and availability. As always, a very fine article, Mr Stanion! I am desperate to recapture my pipe smoking of the 60s and 70s! After the leaves are linked, they're laid out on round frames, which are then laid over an A-frame structure and angled toward the sun for sun curing. Reply More posts from r . Cavendish tobacco is a term used to describe the preserving and chopping of Tobacco. Dark Fired Kentucky is Burley-like Tobacco that comes through a unique drying procedure, as the title implies. White Burley, on the other hand, is notorious for soaking up flavorings quickly. While this is easier to pack because it's a ready rubbed tobacco, it seemed to me that the burley and dark fired Kentucky are slightly less stronger than it is in the flake version. A little biting (very little) at beginning, when fresh. However, it is thought that the term is derived from the House of Sobranies original Balkan Blend. Its distinctive flavor is enjoyed by pipe smokers across the globe, and nothing else provides such a remarkable flavor profile. Very (very) good article on the subject including the short video. As a side note, after seeing the YouTube video on the making of ODF and the fact that Mac Barens HH series is, in part, dependent on its limited stash of vintage dark-fired burleys (it may even have less than its Syrian Latakia!) The tobacco shops are few and far between and the tobacconist I visited specialized more in hookahs and cigarillos. Learn more about English tobacco blends with Latakia 101 here at Pipes and Cigars. Altogether, VL is sweeter, gentler and more delicate while VS is more manly, rougher. As a reason, its frequently used as a mixing spice to balance off the hotness of Virginia types. You can use the menu below to explore all our pipe guides and resources on Bespoke Unit. Nevertheless, the term has outlived the original product and now refers to low-Virginia blends with high quantities of Oriental and Latakia tobacco. Pipe Collecting | However, there are no guidelines on the proportions of tobacco varietals that should be used in order to create a blend. Finally, the smoker should be alone! A nice easy smoking English blend. Stock up as long as you can with the original Vintage Syrian. I will have a couple of open tins and bags which I want to store for some weeks, months and why not, some Limited Editions maybe stored for some years. Some blends may also include dark-fired Kentucky and cigar leaf. At the time that I started working at Cornell & Diehl, he was also our account manager, so he was my go-to guy to talk to about tobacco. Best explanation I have seen. They have controlled smoking facilities that could be dedicated to smoking the sun dried leaves for six months (or whatever duration achieves the latakia result). I enjoy the Maduro and Habano cigars because I enjoy the coffee or cocoa notes I get while smoking. Would you please keep in mind that each pipe tobacco has its own set of advantages, and they are all different and unique? WARNING: Products on this site contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. of course it did no such thing. FREE Shipping on orders over $99! Basically a burly that has been smoke cured like a Latakia, but without the (to me) unpleasant incense flavor, Dark Fired Kentucky has the spiciness of a fine Oriental, the smokiness of a Latakia, and the nicotine/tobacco flavor of a burly. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Like many other tobaccos that I reviewed this one was in stock at a local pipe shop and as I haven't tried the Vintage Syrian I won't compare here. However, this rapid aging only seems to go on for about a year until it eases into the normal gaming process. It does not have to be encouraged as much as a flake when pressing this, but it is still packed significantly. Months and months before we need it, we're having to plan ahead and make sure that we've got more coming, got more in the works, because it's a very tiny crop when compared to a crop like Bright Virginia, where you've got many hundreds of millions of pounds that are produced just in the U.S.", Cornell & Diehl's Tobacco Selections video on Latakia (2019), Latakia is not used for anything except pipe tobacco, not even for snuff. Latakia, like Cavendish, is the result of a process; there is no tobacco plant that grows Latakia leaves. During the smoke some edges show up here and there which adds a bit of character. If one presses the tobacco leaves without enough humidity, they could end up crushed. Anyway I believe these are two very similar blends with a different taste grade. Turkish and Oriental tobacco may be earthy and spicy or even floral and herbaceous. Plus Travis McGee would want you to! In order to really appreciate this Vintage Latakia, one should choose a long stem pipe with a rather small bowl. Would be an assault on the senses. And the leaf is thoroughly cooked. Although somewhat less common today in favour of Latakia or other condiment varieties, most tobacco grown in the US was fire-cured dark-leaf prior to the Civil War. This blend has earned a place in my rotation, and it ages wonderfully. Do I take the snake out again? Moreover for the Italian smokers like me this is probably the only english/balkan offer at a reasonable price. Thanks again! It somewhat develops into bitterness/pepper and woodiness on retrohale to the last third. Much improves the flavor. '", Pipe tobacco people are the only ones familiar with Latakia. This is a surprisingly good blend for those of us who cannot smoke a classic English mixture too often - either due to price or taste. It can't be processed in Syria, not since the late '70s, when the government made it illegal to harvest the woods that were used in its curing. Totally different breeds. The cake can be kept in compression for many days or weeks before being chopped and torn off in a pressing procedure. Holy shit is it good. 30. To be recommended for somewhat experienced smokers who want something with a twist. A proper tobacconist will have tobacco in jars that you could smell before you buy in weight. As a result, its a common tobacco strain for fragrant mixes. Today, we typically identify Balkan mixtures as a base of Oriental and Latakia tobaccowith only a small amount of Virginiaused for balancing the blend. However, it is also produces a naturally thin smoke and can get very hot, which is why Virginia is often blended with other tobacco. The U.K. obviously had interests and resources in Syria and in the Middle East that allowed them to access it more readily than American manufacturers. reproduced in any manner without the expressed written consent of STC Holdings LLC. A pleasant, gentle, and cool smoke. Secondly the Latakia content: VS contains a little more Latakia than VL and the taste is more intense, rich and penetrating. 2 out of 5. And they both have a very mild strength. I can at least add some data to the conversation.Many years ago (the 60s and 70s) I was entranced with snuff and its history. Latakia is an Oriental other Orientals can be sour or a bit musty and pungent but Latakia runs through a smokey process and it stands out a lot more Perique is a whole other animal it stands out too but in a different way. For me it is a 3.5 for price\quality. Latakia is also a fire cured tobacco, but with a far more pronounced smoke flavor and aroma due to the intensity of the fumes and aromatic quality of the wood used. Does anyone know of any commercial English/Balkan blends which have used Kentucky Dark Fired as a Latakia replacement? Cresselia is Darkrai's counterpart and rival, and together they form the Lunar Duo. Kentucky Dark Fired is mainly used for hand rolling tobacco and snuff. Furthermore, the specific tobaccos listed above are hard to find separately but are usually blended together by manufacturers. When mixed with Latakia, Virginias and, sometimes, Orientals, the blend is considered a Scottish mixture. When the company closed and sold its recipes the new owner made a new snuff in honor of Dr. James Robertson-Justice, but it is highly perfumed and nothing at all like the things for which he had shown preference.In those days the only way for me to get it was to buy it by the pound, which is, I can assure you, something on the order of a billion year supply. What is Pipe Tobacco, and how does it differ from cigarette tobacco? Before we explore the various blends of tobacco on the market, we will begin by providing you with an overview of the different varieties. All rights reserved. "Such a long fire-curing process has a lot of chemical effects on the tobacco. Kentucky leaf is a cultivar of Burley. When sliced, these are referred to as navy cuts. They can also be dried, mixed, and chopped in various methods to make pipe tobacco. Defining what consists of an American tobacco mixture is particularly challenging as its definition is remarkably vague. yeah, its why nobody can duplicate the old balkan sobranie. Somebody previously said apples and oranges. The old tales say that Latakia was originally cured over fires of camel dung, but that's unlikely. Strength: Room Note: Taste: Your Price $11.90 $14.00 Add To Cart Quantity: However, Red Burley is infamously fragile due to the regions volatile climate. To recap, here are the main categories of pipe tobaccos in order of nicotine content, from low to high, though there is overlap: Orientals and Latakia Cavendish Bright Virginia White Burley Red Virginia Dark Burley Perique Dark Fired Kentucky ", The reason Oriental tobacco grows so differently is to avoid too much exposure to the sun. Rich and smoky. Despus de leer esta maravillosa explicacin, estoy mas que contento ya que no hace mucho que fumo en pipa, y llevo probado varios tabacos, y mi chochera es que sin saber nada de Latakia, cuando compre uno es el que mas me resulto en todo sentido, gusto, aroma y facil de fumar.Todo un logro. Why the smoker shouldn't take a big bowl since it is as exquisite as it is described?! It's already a hard crop to grow, and then, on top of that, you first have to sun-cure it, which involves sewing the leaves together and laying them over little frames. 4 out of 5. The sugar and oil content of Virginia and Burley tobaccos vary significantly. I get tang from Kentucky and smokiness from Latakia. Tobacco manufacturers will tell you that it is easier to make ribbon tobacco than create a plug. Given the many different strains that are referred to as Turkish and Oriental tobacco, they can greatly vary in flavour. Regards Joe M. I understand your frustration! Dark fired has a hickory smoked bacon smell in the tin and a smoother flavor. Good one for Latakia novices but lata heads will definitely miss some punch in here. Us Like all HH blends it has only an absolute minimum of casing and no top flavour at all - the taste comes from the leaf itself. However, it may have been a traditional mixture that gives off that sort of scent. What a fascinating article on the origin and production of Latakia. Old Joe Krantz Blue: Dark and white cube cut Burley. Latakia: Pure, straight, unadulterated Cyprian Latakia leaf. The substances used in manufacturing cigarettes, Tobacco, and pipe tobacco are the most significant distinction. To make it more complex, Bee Trading Company, headquartered in Istanbul but with processing facilities in Cyprus, is part of the very Turkish government that makes it so hard for Bee Trading Company to operate. 0 As low as $ 2. The taste is specially delicious, no tongue bite, no heated smokejust pure pleasure! 1-800-494-9144; Sign Up for Email Specials; . Great EM(Bakan?) If you know how to recognize Kentucky you'll get it too. While a Latakia aficionado could tell the difference in one puff, I would be easily fooled. After that, he got so fed up with the Class that he literally main-swapped mid game to being a Paladin.
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