When in Clyde's house, Detective Dunnigan asks Nicholas Rice if Clyde is a lawyer, and he hands him a volume of the U.S. Code (federal statutes). Let the arguments begin! Don't waste your time unless you want a brainless action movie. Law Abiding Citizen 9 Key Shots 1. the Love them all. This bad character has the upper hand Firstly, thank you for sharing this list, I am a law student and I feel embarrassed because I have seen only 4 of these, 12 angry men and To Kill a Mockingbird are my favourite. Cookie Notice What would be the effect of depriving ordinary, law abiding citizens from keeping arms for self defense? Marvel Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer, Jurassic Park Movies Ranked By Tomatometer, RT25: Celebrating 25 Years of Rotten Tomatoes, Fatal Attraction Series Stars Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan on the Sexy, Unsettling Psychological Thriller, Prime Video Acquires J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves Batman: Caped Crusader and 2 More Animated Projects, Unnecessarily violent and unflinchingly absurd, Law Abiding Citizen is plagued by subpar acting and a story that defies reason. The non diagetic music being played in R. Watchlist. At the cemetery where the armed robot emits an EMP, it knocks out the convoy's electronics, yet moments later Detective Dunnigan's radio can be heard. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. However, as I watched, I became more confused as to who I was supposed to be rooting for. The white marble, limestone, and brick building features in the sequence where Nick is introduced. So he goes along with it until this epic profanity-laced explosion in court sets the record straight. Bray: He's in jail, it's because he wants to be in jail. insight to the action taking lace. No article on memorable courtroom moments would be incomplete without including at least one scene from the film classic 12 Angry Men. Law Abiding Citizen Overture Films The Actual Ending After spending the entire movie launching his preposterous - and preposterously entertaining - revenge crusade against the broken American. First, there is an objection. the characters All the other moments chosen were great too but this was the best! Include tension building music, fast pace editing, low lighting and When does a woman sleeping on a mattress wearing her bra & underwear (a thong) classify as a sexual scene in a movie? It went on to gross $126.6 million in total worldwide. 1 hr 49 mins. It's Me, Margaret. Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) is an honorable family man, until the day his wife and daughter are murdered in a home invasion. While walking to his car with Jonas, a number of Nick's assistants die from car bombs. Well only say that a courtroom scene turns tragic, shocking, and deadly, when a major, much loved character is gunned down in court. This is one of the few movies that has the audience take sides of the antagonist rather than the protagonist; and although the movie had a remarkable plot, the ending was unfulfilling and implausible to conclude the movie as 'fully satisfying'. Even though Clyde tries to trick the attorney by alluding to an accomplice even in the penultimate scene, Nick fathoms that the murders are all Clydes doing and warns Clyde that the road comes to an end for him. Starting from the criminal defense attorney, he starts a murder spree that seals the lives of his prison inmate, the judge of the trial, Nicks colleagues, and the District Attorney. dead body is shown which [2], The film took second place in its opening weekend, with $21 million, behind Where the Wild Things Are. While investigating the underground bunker, Nick understands Clydes next target is the Mayor. Its like a young, fresh Three Stooges skit transplanted to the 1970s. Cantrell and Nick meet the former's CIA contact, learning Clyde previously worked with the agency, creating imaginative assassination devices and orchestrating intricate lethal tactics against nearly impossible targets. And now for something completely different! Powered by WordPress.com VIP. [8] Filming locations included Philadelphia's City Hall, Laurel Hill Cemetery[9] and the now closed Holmesburg Prison. In the beginning of the movie, it is assumed that the little girl gets raped- but, AGAIN, it is not shown. Even in his final face-off with Nick, Clyde curiously asks him whether he manages to catch his accomplice, to which Nick replies in affirmative. Law Abiding Citizen (2009) Plot Showing all 4 items Jump to: Summaries (3) Synopsis (1) Summaries A frustrated man decides to take justice into his own hands after a plea bargain sets one of his family's killers free. Cinemark For more information, please see our The plot is so implausible and unbelievable that it's almost laughable. Common Sense Media. Whereas most revenge films are fairly stupid, here is one that fits somewhere in the center of a Venn diagram between revenge, drama, and murder mystery. tension and suspense In a Philadelphia home invasion, Clarence Darby murders the wife and daughter of engineer Clyde Shelton, who is forced to watch. Then the ending hit, and it all just went to crapWhy? Does he have an accomplice outside the walls, or what? family. Atticus Finch has just lost his case defending an innocent black man against accusations of rape. Director F. Gary Gray ( The Italian Job, The Negotiator) has the flash and enthusiasm to make this kind of film and the other diversions that have made up his career, but watching him flail for . Austin Pendleton is the man behind that character, and he pulls it off with such authenticity that you start to feel sorry for the guy. A big issue in the film and part of the reason why it's hard to take seriously is that the ""villain"" (more of an ""anti-villain"") relies on a masterplan that has way too many potential points of failure And if it does fail, it's game over-no flexibility and virtually no room for error. I would have been deeply disappointed if this movie hadnt made the list. Read More:Where Was Law Abiding Citizen Filmed? Not sure what the Internet etiquette is on divulging major spoilers, especially since we live in a binge watching culture, where you may not get around to watching a show for years after its premiere. The Downside: A third act that seems tacked on and drags the success of the film down considerably. 2023 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Through the underground tunnel, Clyde easily conducts his operations and his intelligence in dealing with ultramodern weapon technology makes it easier to fulfill his plans. Ebert rated the film 3 out of 4 stars. When compiling this list of the 23 Must-Watch Courtroom Moments from TV and Movies, I noticed that each tended to hit very high highs and very low lows. To keep his high conviction rate intact, prosecuting attorney Nick Rice strikes a deal with Darby that allows the murderer to serve a lesser prison sentence in return for Darbys accomplice being used as a scapegoat, without considering the justice Clyde deserves. It was his gift, and he was the best. Kurt Wimmer, There seems to be an emphasis on the knocking as I gets lowed and more aggressive building The film was edited after being threatened with an NC-17 rating for violence,[10] with the full version released unrated on Blu-ray. English, Director: Coming Soon. The caller, using an electronically distorted voice and knowledge of cocaine and a possibly underaged woman in his apartment, warns Darby that he's looking at life in prison. Hearing the ringtone of the detonator, Clyde discovers the bomb underneath his bed and realizes too late that Nick had moved the bomb to his cell. Comparing this film to the likes of SAW is like comparing Teletubbies to The Human Centipede. Plus, who doesnt like it when a bully gets his comeuppance? watching what is As his attempts get more and more desperate, its inspiring to see each of the men turn their backs on him. The historic garden or rural cemetery is situated in Philadelphias East Falls neighborhood. Overture Films, Production Co: But the setting itself plays a major part in the thriller movie as the storyline revolves around Clyde feeling let down by the judicial system. They are warned Clyde can kill anyone anytime he wishes and that if he is in jail, it is all part of a bigger plan. By: Ladan Mursal. Feeling betrayed, Clyde resurfaces after ten years in the lives of Nick and other judicial officials. he gains the upper hand. The realization of his transformation from a beloved father to a vicious sociopath may have impelled him to composedly approach death. Clyde develops a Kevlar thread with a high-tech ratchet made of carbon fiber. coloured clothes with an evil Alan Siegel, "Law Abiding Citizen" starts out like a modern-day version of "Death Wish," spends a few moments aping the "Saw" franchise, then settles in as a cat-and-mouse crime drama centered around the theme that the American legal system seems designed as much to thwart justice as to enact it. The reviews citing excessive blood & gore & violence are, in my opinion, a bit over the top. the scene the music and the The chess game, the commentary on the justice system, and the acting Foxx and Butler brought to the table. Law Abiding Citizen does not shy away from either displaying some harsh justice or hinting at it strongly enough to let the audiences imagine spill the blood itself. Clyde is a brain. heavily and letting out hurtful Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". Cousin Vinny isnt the most confidence-inspiring protagonist, what with his testy exchanges with an old-fashioned judge and his unprofessional leather courtroom garb. Oct 16, 2009 Law Abiding Citizen was released theatrically in North America on October 16, 2009.The film was nominated for a Saturn Award as the Best Action/Adventure/Thriller Film of the year, but lost to Inglourious Basterds.The film also garnered NAACP Image Awards nominations for both Jamie Foxx (Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture) and F. Gary Gray (Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture). If you want to know more about where this intriguing suspense-filled drama was shot, lets take a look at everything we know! The guy is wearing black background creates the The complainant attests that the defendant didnt take reasonable steps for preventing the attack. This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. his facial expressions. When Clyde accurately predicts and carries out the killings of the judicial officials, Nick and the other authorities start to believe that Clyde has an accomplice helping him execute the killings. Your email address will not be published. His closing argument is one of the most powerful youll hear, especially with the jury-empowering line, Today, you are the law.. Powered by JustWatch "Law Abiding Citizen" is a taut thriller about a serial killer in reverse: He's already in prison when he commits all but one of his many murders, and in solitary for most of that time. show the conversation Between Law Abiding Citizen, Olympus Has Fallen and Den of Thieves, he's become a genuine B-movie star for films where $15 million is a great opening and $75 million worldwide is a terrific . The opening scene of him tinkering with a motherboard alongside his daughter as she makes a bracelet is short, sweet, and creates all the bond you need to know before the catalyst sets the rest of . The highly enthralling thriller ends with various questions undeveloped and unanswered. Aside from that, no, you can't stop him. Do not submit any personal or private information unless you are authorized and have voluntarily consented to do so. The rest of the film takes itself way too seriously, but is still a slick action/thriller film. The television broadcast version is 101 minutes 35 seconds long, with a U/A certificate. R. 1h 49m. They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. SPOILERS AHEAD. A tunnel leads to a cache of guns, disguises, and other equipment below the solitary confinement cells, with secret entrances to each cell. 23 Must-Watch Courtroom Moments from TV & Movies. Ames is convicted and sentenced to death, while Darby is released after a few years. Gerard Butler, is attempting to shout for help unable to save his family. In court, Clyde represents himself and successfully argues he should be granted bail, but is jailed for contempt of court after berating the judge for accepting the legal precedent he cited, believing her too easily convinced and eager to let madmen and murderers back on the street. And even though outcomes are not always what we want them to be, sometimes its the fact that we try that makes all the difference. Opening cut scene plays, leech this, leech that, they throw . Just confirm how you got your ticket. Your email address will not be published. If I were you, I'd be lookin' for the next piece. Privacy Policy. Ending was just awful. Law Abiding Citizen is a 2009 American vigilante action-thriller film directed by F. Gary Gray from a screenplay written by Kurt Wimmer. Clyde loses it, and this film is unafraid of what that has tomean. Nick Rice: So what are you sayin'? Nick Rice: That's a hell of a fancy way to say that he kills people. While attending the murder trial of Clydes wife and daughter, Nick is nothing but an egotistical lawyer, who prioritizes legal precedents and technicalities for his own fame without considering the humane notions of justice. This achievement is unlocked for WALKING out of the prison when you start the game. The goal of /r/Movies is to provide an inclusive place for discussions and news about films with major releases. [13], The premiere was held on November 15, 2009, at the Cineworld complex in Glasgow, Butler's home town. underdog but throughout the film walks over to her, this point of view shot draws Despite boasting abysmal Rotten Tomatoes (26%) and Metascore (34) ratings, Law Abiding Citizen is one of Gray's most beloved movies among IMDb users. [14], Law Abiding Citizen grossed $73.4 million in the United States and Canada, and $54.6 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $127.9 million. In The comedic stylings of Monty Python fit in perfectly in a courtroom setting. up exaggerates Clyde briefly smiles and returns to his bed. While it may resemble some revenge flicks of the past most notably Vigilante it has something far more intellectual going on underneath its slick exterior. Shelton was a spy? Read our extensive list of rules for more information on other types of posts like fan-art and self-promotion, or message the moderators if you have any questions. The opening scene of him tinkering with a motherboard alongside his daughter as she makes a bracelet is short, sweet, and creates all the bond you need to know before the catalyst sets the rest of the movie in motion. She figured that she would just marry one, until her law school boyfriend dumps her. up the tension and suspense making the audience wonder what will happen next. No! According to reports, the filming took place around January 2009. Throw in a client overdosing by nicotine patch, and youve got a scene thats hard to forget. There are some interesting ideas here What do you do to fight against a system? So the story is a locked-room mystery: How does he set up such elaborate kills? Most judges have enough law knowledge to know thats a big no-no. Thrillers and F. Gary Gray are a match made in the dashiest way possible. Kurt Wimmer was hired to return in his role as screenwriter, while Gerard Butler will serve as producer alongside Alan Siegel, Lucas Foster, Rob Paris, and Mike Witherill. When the bomb explodes, we see Clyde unintimidated even in the face of ensuing fire. even more helpless because he One of the early takes of the by now popular be-careful-who-you-mess-with cautionary revenge epics Hollywood produces, cause-he-might-be-a-retired-super-spy. Almost as if he is trapped because KenR. [18], In May 2022, it was announced that a standalone sequel is in development. In my personal opinion Law Abiding Citizens moment is absolutely incredible, as is the whole movie. Copyright Fandango. It seems to be Hollywood always trying to force the good guy wins into everything (except for cheesy horror films). We detected that you're using an older version of Internet Explorer. The camera will return to him once or twice more during the film, an interesting reminder amidst the violence and willingness to sink well below the human base and deep into the realm where taking another persons life seems the only logical recourse on which the film feeds. The jail was supervised by the city of Philadelphia along with the Pennsylvania Department of Prisons from 1896 to 1995. From that point, and while Clyde gets his revenge, the film does two things incredibly well. for the victim going through pain. This particular scene in which Shelton chastises the judge for treating the law like its an assembly line is powerful stuff. As soon as he comes into Its a solid segment that takes the frustration of the system, and the trusted people of that system, destroying Clydes life and shoves it right back in the face of an idiotic public official in front of a court room of members of the public andpress. What I love about this film is its unwillingness to compromise, for the most part, on what one man might do if his loved ones were taken from him in vain. A man takes a gun from under a sofa cushion, runs out of his apartment and onto the roof, fires at police cars and officers in the street and runs along rooftops to escape. calm, homely Clyde suggests another deal, but Nick, having finally come to understand him, says he no longer makes deals with murderers. A warning if youre going to watch the video that accompanies this link: there are some graphic descriptions of the crime, which set the defendant off. This scene is a bit outrageous in the sense that the judge is so blatant with his determination to violate the witnesss right to the Fifth Amendment. Youve got William Shatner dressed up like a minuteman firing a musket in court. Some conventions are: 2023 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. After sharing his meal with a cellmate, Clyde proceeds to kill him with his steak bone, forcing the warden to secure him in solitary confinement. "[16] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 34 out of 100 based on 26 critics, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews". Additionally, George W. Hill Correctional Facility also makes an appearance in the few moments when Clyde demands an elaborate steak lunch and a music player to be delivered to his cell.
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