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Sanitizers & Masks

Regarding to the current Covid Pandemic, situation sanitizers and masks are in the must-carry list while travelling. We have to make sure our families and friends will be safe from us. Carrying a sanitizer with you while traveling makes it easy to clean your hands whenever and wherever you want without looking for soap and water. It helps you maintain hygiene at all times.  

Carrying a set of masks while traveling in pandemic times is one of the most important travel essentials. It will help you keep safe from coming in direct contact with the sick people around you and be safe in areas where you can’t social distance.

Luggage Bags / Trolly Bags

Trolly Bags are often the luggage bags of choice when it comes to packing for a trip. Spacious and convenient to carry around.

These bags have numerous advantages over other kinds of bags like backpacks, duffel bags and more…

Travel Pilows

blue neck pillows isolated on white background

Carrying a travel pillow is also one of the important travel essentials as it protects your neck from sprains and keeps you active throughout your long or short trips. It can also help with neck pain and improve rest. Travel pillow ensures comfort and keeps your spine pain free, letting you enjoy your trip

Portable Charger / Power Bank

At every place we dont get the charging point. So it is essential to carry Portable charger or Power bank with you to get connected with your phone, Familes and Friends.

Wireless Earbuds / Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Whenever bored on a trip or while traveling solo, these headphones will make sure that the wires don’t get entangled and you can even use them while trekking or hiking. Do not forget to carry the charging case so that it works the entire trip. 

While you are going with your friends dont forget to take speaker with you. It will add more adventure to your trip.

First Aid Box

This is one of the most crucial items on a travel essentials list as it can help during any unfortunate and unforeseen accidents. Also carry generic medicines with you. Carrying a first aid box will ensure that you don’t get infections and you will have an immediate way out if anything happens.

Small Battery Operated Fan

Traveling in a country like India where the weather is hot and humid, a small, battery-operated fan comes to the rescue. It can provide you relief from the heat and is small and compact to carry around. 

A Multi-Purpose Travel Adapter

Carrying a travel adapter is vital while traveling so that you don’t run out of charge. Keeping our phones on at all times is important these days, and this adapter helps with the same during a trip.


You cannot wear shoes everywhere, and so it is important to carry slippers while traveling. Your feet need to breathe, and slippers are great and comfortable for casual walks and strolling inside the hotel.

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