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Eygpt is the latest country to allow vaccinated travellers to enter without a PCR test. Many countries across the world are updating their covid travel protocols since vaccination has become mandatory across the world. Moves such as this cut down on the hassles of travel, and attract more people to visit international destinations.

Egypt’s health ministry made the announcement for this latest travel rule. Under the new rule, travellers who have been vaccinated are required to show QR coded certificates. The dose must be of one of the six vaccines that is approved by Egypt, and the World Health Organisation. However, one must remember that the second dose should be taken two weeks before arrival.

While vaccinated travellers would be permitted to enter without a PCR test, those coming in from countries deeply impacted by the virus will have to undergo a rapid test. All non-vaccinated travellers must show a PCR test report. The new rule aims to help vaccinated travellers come into the country easily, but those who are not vaccinated will have to go through the same procedure as before.

Egypt River Cruise Terminal

Egypt has reported 466 new cases of coronavirus, which brings the total number of cases to 278761. It has been noted that due to a lack of testing, the real number cannot be grasped. The real figure is expected to be far higher than the one mentioned above.

Egypt is a major tourist destination where people from across the world come to see the pyramids and the wonders of the ancient world. The country had eased many restrictions earlier this month, and is looking forward to welcoming visitors. Tourism contributes to 15 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of Egypt.

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