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The Malaysian Govt has recently announced the new guidelines for all passengers traveling to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from India.

As per the latest notification from the Malaysian Government, only Malaysian Nationals, Permanent Resident (PR), and Spouse Pass holders with valid MyTravelPass are allowed to travel to Malaysia

New Guidelines For Passengers Traveling to Malaysia

  • Passengers should bear the cost of the COVID-19 Screening Test (swab test) and 21 days’ hotel quarantine.
  • The cost of a swab test is MYR150 and that of hotel accommodation is MYR150 per day.
  • Passengers should submit a written confirmation at the origin Airport, stating that they accept the above charges.
  • All passengers are required to submit RT PCR Negative certificate within 72 hours of their departure.
  • Any passengers who had COVID-19 within the past 21 days of travel will not be accepted for travel.
  • They will also be checked for any symptoms of COVID-19.

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